Who Are We?

BEAT was developed by two black business professionals, Croix-Ronald Coppáge, Phd, MBA, CIS and C. Dalesa Mack-Grisby, MS, and is owned and operated by the same. We provide more than just a black directory…we provide both the consumer and the black business-owner with a host of support services that go beyond mere connections.

Our Philosophy

Building Economic Advantages Together (B.E.A.T.) is not simply a way to connect consumers to black and brown businesses, it is an infrastructure…a lifestyle…a network to help build, harness, and maintain black economic power throughout and within black communities around the world. Our philosophy is be proud…buy black!

Why Are We Different?

During this time of black social change, many people want to do something to make a difference; as such, many have thrown up websites to help black and brown consumers find, black businesses to patronize. This is absolutely wonderful…but this is only a starting point, and doesn’t support long-term sustainability, which is critical to building black economic power.

For Our Black Consumers and Allies (Members)

We provide our members with incentives to shop in our network of black-owned business partners. We provide opportunities for reward and referral points, which translates into discounts and cash. We provide a mechanism to rate business products and services provided,which helps educate other BEAT members. We also advocate on behalf of our members for discounts, and assist with resolving any member concerns with B.E.A.T.business partners. We also provide member training opportunities in building credit, personal budgeting, life coaching, and more!

For Our Black Businesses Partners

For our black business owners, we not only bring consumers to their storefront, but we work with them to help increase their return business ratio, by providing training opportunities in customer relations, time management, bookkeeping principles, and in other areas that help them strengthen their business presence. We provide one-on-one business consulting and coaching sessions.
As we continue to grow and evolve, it is our objective to work with black-owned financial institutions to provide more consumer and business supportive services, such as low-interest personal and business loans, credit cards, and so much more!.

So, you see, we are not just a directory, we are a comprehensive network of black professionals, working to build Black Economic Advantages Together!